Blakes' 7

Blake’s 7 Pursuit Ship now available

Blake’s 7 Pursuit Ship If your a fan of Blake’s 7 we have the models for you. the pursuit Ship is in scale with our other Blake’s 7 kits.

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Sputnik1 1/6th scale AVAILABLE NOW!

Sputnik 1 The Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite, into elliptical low Earth orbit on October 4th, 1957. It was a simple, polished sphere equipped with four external radio antennas transmitting radio signals at .03 second pulses. This information was used to gather information on density of the upper layers of the […]

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Dino skull kits at Masterpiece Models

In February we began launching Dinosaur skull model kits. A line of 5 skulls in a variety of scale sizes. This month(April 4th) we launched a 1/5th scale T-Rex! 1/5th scale T-Rex Skull It’s a perfect size to show your painting skills! Here are the other dino skulls we came out with earlier this year […]

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New dioramas by Chris Benshoof

This month Masterpiece Models came out with a new line of 1/35th scale dioramas, designed by Chris Benshoof. Each of these dioramas come at a 1/35th scale which also works with 54mm. Fantastic for WW1 and WW2 displays or what ever you see fit(Like a Tank or troops)! Each base is resin casted in our […]

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The Time Machine and Upgrade on SALE

Our 1/6th scale Time Machine & Time Machine electronic & motor upgrade are on sale for a limited time! 10% off of both! 1/6th scale Time Machine: $179.99 $161.99 https://masterpiecemodels.com/product/6th-scale-the-time-machine/ Electronic & Motor upgrade: $325.00 $292.50 https://masterpiecemodels.com/product/time-machine-upgrade/ If you go here you could also see The Time Machine upgrade in action! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4no0fTYgAdk Don’t forget to […]

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We have over 40 modelkits on sale, 20% off! Click here to see all SALE items: https://masterpiecemodels.com/product-category/sale/

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Masterpiece Models presents…Dino Skulls!

The first 2 in a line of Dino Skulls Masterpiece Models is releasing Acheroraptor Skull T-Rex Skull

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Acheroraptor Skull

DINOSAURS! New Releases out Tuesday 1/31

It’s going to be a month of new Dino kits! Acheroraptor & T-Rex skull kits come out tomorrow! Archeroraptor skull is 1 to 1 scale(1ft) T-Rex skull is at 1/9th scale(7inches)   Feb. 7th Juvenile Allosaurus 1 to 1 scale Triceratops 1/9th scale   Feb. 14th Velociraptor 1 to 1 scale   Feb. 21st Parasaurolophus […]

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New releases out on Tuesdays!

Tuesday’s just got way better… Now you have a day during the week to expect new release from Masterpiece Models!  

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Mercantile Shop

54mm Wild Wild West – Frontier Series

Its time to head out west with our new line of 54mm assembly kits. Join us on a journey as we build a western town from the first settlers to the Railroad coming to town. We will be introducing new kits in this series to help grow the West!        

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