1/35 scale Douche Boat

1/35 scale Douche Boat – New release from Masterpiece Models!

This release accompanies our Vietnam era patrol craft is a variation of the Tango.

The “Douche” boat was used to wash-away mud bunkers along the river banks with a high-pressure water stream. The well deck of each boat was fully loaded with machinery for the water cannons. A Grey Marine 12V71 with a Power-Take-off-Transmission was connected to an 18″ Fairbanks-Morse centrifugal pump. The suction line was 14″ pipe running down the port side the stern where there was a swivel strainer which was lowered when the water cannons were to be employed. Also in the well deck there was a diesel fuel tank for the 12V71, a vacuum pump connected to the 12V71, a vacuum expansion tank and the associated valves and piping to the Stang Intelligent Water Cannons. The water cannons put out 2,700 gallons of ‘river’ water a minute at 250 pounds of pressure at the nozzles.
Program 5 ATC(W) Armored Troop Carrier (Water Cannon) Aka ‘Douche’ Boat