New dioramas by Chris Benshoof

This month Masterpiece Models came out with a new line of 1/35th scale dioramas, designed by Chris Benshoof. Each of these dioramas come at a 1/35th scale which also works with 54mm. Fantastic for WW1 and WW2 displays or what ever you see fit(Like a Tank or troops)! Each base is resin casted in our […]

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Full scale 20K Underwater Rifle

20k underwater rifle parts

We are happy to announce the release of our new underwater rifle kit, mastered by Scott Brodeen. This kit is modeled accurately to drawings as well as actual film props which varied on details from the actual film drawings. Between the physical props and the drawings, Scott was able to create this stunning assembly kit.

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1956 Classics Illustrated Time Machine

1/12 Scale Classics Time Machine

We are happy to announce a new kit in our time machine line of kits, the 1956 Classics Illustrated The Time Machine. This kit was designed straight out of the original comic book from 1956. We had to choose to use some artistic license as throughout the same comic book. Details seem to change slightly […]

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