Rice Paper Tape

New Product Launch at Masterpiece Models We are proud to announce that we now carry Rice Paper Tape at Masterpiece Models. We carry several sizes that you’ll want to make a part of your Model Making Supplies. Our sizes are as follows: (You may click on each link to be taken directly to each product) […]

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DINOSAURS! New Releases out Tuesday 1/31

Acheroraptor Skull

It’s going to be a month of new Dino kits! Acheroraptor & T-Rex skull kits come out tomorrow! Archeroraptor skull is 1 to 1 scale(1ft) T-Rex skull is at 1/9th scale(7inches)   Feb. 7th Juvenile Allosaurus 1 to 1 scale Triceratops 1/9th scale   Feb. 14th Velociraptor 1 to 1 scale   Feb. 21st Parasaurolophus […]

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