Sputnik1 1/6th scale AVAILABLE NOW!

Sputnik 1 The Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite, into elliptical low Earth orbit on October 4th, 1957. It was a simple, polished sphere equipped with four external radio antennas transmitting radio signals at .03 second pulses. This information was used to gather information on density of the upper layers of the […]

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Dino skull kits at Masterpiece Models

In February we began launching Dinosaur skull model kits. A line of 5 skulls in a variety of scale sizes. This month(April 4th) we launched a 1/5th scale T-Rex! 1/5th scale T-Rex Skull It’s a perfect size to show your painting skills! Here are the other dino skulls we came out with earlier this year […]

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New dioramas by Chris Benshoof

This month Masterpiece Models came out with a new line of 1/35th scale dioramas, designed by Chris Benshoof. Each of these dioramas come at a 1/35th scale which also works with 54mm. Fantastic for WW1 and WW2 displays or what ever you see fit(Like a Tank or troops)! Each base is resin casted in our […]

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The Time Machine and Upgrade on SALE

Our 1/6th scale Time Machine & Time Machine electronic & motor upgrade are on sale for a limited time! 10% off of both! 1/6th scale Time Machine: $179.99 $161.99 https://masterpiecemodels.com/product/6th-scale-the-time-machine/ Electronic & Motor upgrade: $325.00 $292.50 https://masterpiecemodels.com/product/time-machine-upgrade/ If you go here you could also see The Time Machine upgrade in action! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4no0fTYgAdk Don’t forget to […]

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We have over 40 modelkits on sale, 20% off! Click here to see all SALE items: https://masterpiecemodels.com/product-category/sale/

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Masterpiece Models presents…Dino Skulls!

The first 2 in a line of Dino Skulls Masterpiece Models is releasing Acheroraptor Skull T-Rex Skull

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Acheroraptor Skull

DINOSAURS! New Releases out Tuesday 1/31

It’s going to be a month of new Dino kits! Acheroraptor & T-Rex skull kits come out tomorrow! Archeroraptor skull is 1 to 1 scale(1ft) T-Rex skull is at 1/9th scale(7inches)   Feb. 7th Juvenile Allosaurus 1 to 1 scale Triceratops 1/9th scale   Feb. 14th Velociraptor 1 to 1 scale   Feb. 21st Parasaurolophus […]

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New releases out on Tuesdays!

Tuesday’s just got way better… Now you have a day during the week to expect new release from Masterpiece Models!  

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Mercantile Shop

54mm Wild Wild West – Frontier Series

Its time to head out west with our new line of 54mm assembly kits. Join us on a journey as we build a western town from the first settlers to the Railroad coming to town. We will be introducing new kits in this series to help grow the West!        

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20k underwater rifle parts

Full scale 20K Underwater Rifle

We are happy to announce the release of our new underwater rifle kit, mastered by Scott Brodeen. This kit is modeled accurately to drawings as well as actual film props which varied on details from the actual film drawings. Between the physical props and the drawings, Scott was able to create this stunning assembly kit.

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