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1/35th Assault Surface Patrol Boat “ASPB”


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Assault Surface Patrol Boat

The Assault Surface Patrol Boat was conceived as the American successor to the French designed STCAN/FOM River Patrol Craft, which possessed a shallow draft and mine resistant hull. The ASPB was used for escort, fire support, and mine sweeping during U.S. riverine assaults in Vietnam. Unlike the LCM converted assault craft, the ASPB was unique because it was only craft developed and built specifically for the U.S. riverine navy. The most important ASPB characteristics were speed, fire power, and crew protection. Instead of using bar armor; the ASPB had a new type of armor protection. It used a thin, quarter-inch aluminum trigger plate situated in front of a 5/8-inch internal armor plate. Unfortunately, this new armor system was found to be severely inadequate and could be easily penetrated by enemy RPGs resulting in high causality rates among ASPB crews. Later in the war a ballistic blanket was developed and placed behind the armor plate to reduce these causalities. Fifty program 5 ASPBs were ordered and delivered to Vietnam after January 1968.

This is a resin assembly kit of the Assault Surface Patrol Boat “ASPB” in 1/35th scale. Each kit is cast to order so please allow 15 days handling time. Most of the time we get them out a lot quicker

Program 5

Assault Support Patrol Boat (ASPB)


Manufacturer:           Gunderson Brothers Engineering Corporation, Portland, Oregon

Design:                       Length: 50′ 1.5” • Width: 15′ 2.5″

Speed:                         16 knots maximum, 14 knots sustained

Draft:                          3′ 9″

Crew:                         Five



2 x 12V71N Detroit Diesel engines

2 x screws – 3 blades each



2 x AN/VRC-46 low band VHF

1 x AN/PRC-25 – battery powered

1 x Raytheon Pathfinder 1900/ND radar

1 x Raytheon Fathometer



2 x 20-mm Mark 16 (Mod 4) cannons

2 x 40-mm Mark-19 grenade launchers

2 x .50-cal machine guns

Plus individual weapons

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 6 × 6 in