Mark 49 Hellcat


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Mark 49 Hellcat

The Mark 49 Hellcat Armored Walker was developed after the 3rd World War in 2046 as a forward attack and reconnaissance Vehicle. The need for walkers after the War was due to the amount of rubble strewn thru the landscape, Tracked vehicles tended to bog down in the rubble making maintenance and mobility an issue. The first Walkers developed in 2099 were quite ungainly and had limited range and power. Later on in 2112 after advanced fusion drives were developed and fitted to the walkers, did they become a more practical weapons system with more power and almost unlimited range.

In 2115 war again broke out over natural resources. The earth divided into 3 major factions, the United Alliance consisting of North America and South America, the Euro/Siberian Confederation consisting of Northern Europe thru Siberia and parts of southern Europe “this area is highly contested by several factions” finally the 3rd faction the Middle Asian/African consortium consisting of the Middle East southern Asia and the African continent. Several border areas between each of the factions are in high dispute; even though the United Alliance has tried to stay neutral they have been pulled into the growing conflagration. Having developed the fusion technology that powers the Alliance ground vehicles there technology was stolen tipping the balance of power worldwide. The latest in the series of MK walkers is the MK49 Hellcat manufactured by Yutani/Grumman Corporation. The Hellcat is currently deployed in several hot spots all over the world.

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