Tyrannosaurus Rex 1/10th Scale


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1/10th scale Tyrannosaurus Rex – MMDIN7040 $399.99

“Hell Creek Butcher”  48″ long, 1/10th scale Tyrannosaurus rex, sculpted by Darren McDonald.  Based on L.A.C.M. specimen # 23844, “Harley”   Discovered in 1966 by fossil hunter Harley Garbani in Montana.

Though created with the upmost attention to detail of the skeletal anatomy and widely accepted muscle restorations, along with skin integument, this sculpture does not depict the usual bells and whistles we normally see on Hollywood version restorations.

Instead, it was created with the mindset of it being a multi ton Komodo Dragon from Hell, using the same tactics deployed for dispatching prey as current modern day Komodos.

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MSRP $399.99

Kit # MMDIN7040

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