Waco CG4A Glider Scale Model Kit

Waco CG 4A Glider

Waco CG4A Glider Scale Model Kit | 1/35 Scale

Waco CG4A Glider Scale Model Kit – Masterpiece Models releases the Waco CG4A Glider Scale Model Kit.  This is a limited edition 1/35 resin scale model kit for advanced builders.  We cast to order every kit. Please allow 15 days for processing.

Waco Glider

Waco CG4A Glider Scale Model Kit     Waco CG4A Glider Scale Model Kit

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About the Waco CG 4A Glider


The Waco CG-4A glider was the most used US troop and military glider of WWII.  Evidently, the British military referred to it as the Hadrian (after the historic emperor of Rome), while the USAF called it the CG-4A.

The Waco Aircraft Company designed the glider and fights were first tested in May 1942. The Waco Aircraft Company built and delivered in excess of 13,900 CG-4A gliders.

The structure was built from wood and metal and then it was covered in fabric. A crew consisted of a pilot and a copilot. The glider featured two main control wheels and a tail wheel. The glider could carry up to 13 troops and equipment. Furthermore, the hinged nose could be swung upward to load a 1/4 ton truck, such as a Jeep, a 75mm howitzer or a 1/4 trailer.

These gliders were usually towed behind a C-47 aircraft and a few C-46s during and after Operation Plunder. The glider was towed behind these planes via an 11/16” diameter, 350’ long tow line.