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Zippo BOX ART copy

1/35th PGM 5 ZIPPO – $199.99

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Product Description

Program V Zippo 1/35th scale, this is a resin assembly kit. Each kit is cast to order please allow 15 days processing.
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Program 5 Zippo Specifications


                       Type:                         Converted World War II, LCM(6) Landing Craft

Manufacturer:         Various Naval Ship Yards

Design:                       Length: 60′ • Width: 17′ 6″

Height above Water Line: 12’6″

Speed:                         8 Knots Maximum

Draft:                         Empty: 4’4″ • Full Load: 4’6″

Crew:                         Eleven



2 x 64HN9 Detroit Diesel engines

2 x Marine twin disc gear clutch model

22:1 reduction gears

2 x 22″ 4-Blade clockwise screws


2 x AN/VRC-46 low band VHF

2 x AN/PRC-25 portable radio

1 x Raytheon Pathfinder 1900 Surface Search Radar

Fuel Capacity:

Diesel 788-galllons in 2 x tanks

Auxiliary Fuel Capacity:

450-galllons in 3 x tanks


2 x M10-8 Flamethrower turrets mounted side by side forward on bow

2 x 7.62-mm machine guns mounted in M10-8 turrets (optional)

2 x 20-mm Mark 16 (Mod 4) cannons in Mark 48 Turrets

1 x 40-mm Mark 19 grenade launcher

6 x M-16 automatic rifles

1 x 40-mm M-79 grenade launcher (shoulder-fired)

1 x 12-gauge riot shotgun

1 x .38-caliber pistol (Boat Captain)

1 x flair pistol



Program 5 Zippos were used in Vietnam to clear enemy fortifications located adjacent to the rivers. These flamethrower boats also had a tremendous psychological effect on the enemy. Tanks containing 1,350-gallons of compressed air and gelled gasoline (napalm) were located inside the well deck. The flamethrowers were capable of producing a steady 225-second flame out to an effective range of 300 meters. Six Program 5 Zippos were built and delivered to Vietnam between May and June of 1968.

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