Kit Instructions

If you have lost your included instructions to one of our kits, this is the quickest way to acquire a new copy. Simply find your kit by name and download the PDF instruction sheet.

31′ River Patrol Boat (PBR) MK2 Upgrade

Program 5 ATC(W) Armored Top Carrier (Water Cannon) Aka Douche Boat

31′ River Patrol Boat

LIMA Addendum

LIMA Instructions

Waco Glider Instructions

Liberator Assembly sheet v2

Flak Sled Instructions

CD 7011 Instructions – Updated

CD 7012 Instructions

15cm Kanone Instructions

Luna Instructions

Little Boy Instructions

Fat Man Bomb Assembly

Wrecked Zero Instructions

LVTH 6 Conversion Instructions

Swift Boat Instructions

PACV Instructions

CCB Instructions

Tango Instructions

ASPB Instructions

PGM MK49 Monitor

ZIPPO Instructions

Shinyo Boat Instructions

Handcart Instructions

TWA Moonliner Instructions

Blakes 7 Liborator Instructons

Mars Umbrella Ship Instructions

16 Inch Nautilus Instructions

31 Inch Nautilus Instructions

Time Machine Instructions – Please note, the styrene sheet no longer is needed for this kit.

Time Machine Upgrade Instructions

Classic Time Machine Intructions