Kit Instructions

If you have lost your included instructions to one of our kits, this is the quickest way to acquire a new copy. Simply find your kit by name and download the PDF instruction sheet.

Greeblie Pack #12 The Skyhopper

The Dictator

Fat Man Cart Instructions

Greeblie Pack #10 The Planetary Defense Cannon MMGR010

31′ River Patrol Boat (PBR) MK2 Upgrade

Program 5 ATC(W) Armored Top Carrier (Water Cannon) Aka Douche Boat

31′ River Patrol Boat

LIMA Addendum

LIMA Instructions

Waco Glider Instructions

Liberator Assembly sheet v2

Flak Sled Instructions

CD 7011 Instructions – Updated

CD 7012 Instructions

15cm Kanone Instructions

Luna Instructions

Little Boy Instructions

Fat Man Bomb Assembly

Wrecked Zero Instructions

LVTH 6 Conversion Instructions

Swift Boat Instructions

PACV Instructions

CCB Instructions

Tango Instructions

ASPB Instructions

PGM MK49 Monitor Pt1

PGM MK49 Monitor Pt2

ZIPPO Instructions

Shinyo Boat Instructions

Handcart Instructions

TWA Moonliner Instructions

Blakes 7 Liborator Instructons

Mars Umbrella Ship Instructions

16 Inch Nautilus Instructions

31 Inch Nautilus Instructions

Time Machine Instructions – Please note, the styrene sheet no longer is needed for this kit.

Time Machine Upgrade Instructions

Classic Time Machine Intructions