Sealab III Resin Model Kit

Sealab III Resin Assembly Kit

Sealab III Resin Model Kit

Sealab III Resin Model Kit – The Sealab III was an experimental underwater habitat developed by the U.S. Navy.  Five diving teams of eight aquanauts were schedule to live at the Sealab III for a period of twelve days at a depth of 620 feet.  Shortly after immersion the habitat began to leak and six divers were sent in for repairs.

After a number of unsuccessful repair attempts, the Sealab program came to a halt.  The Sealab III was retrieved but it was eventually scrapped.

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This resin assembly kit comes with 2 aquanauts, full color decals, ocean floor display base, fully detailed interior including laboratory Living area, berths, emergency breathing tanks and optional solid or clear outer tank half. Please allow 15 days for processing as each kit is cast to order.

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